Recommended Reading: The Mechanics of Anxiety

Recommended Book The Mechanics of Anxiety Edward Freeman This Side of Fearadise

“Anxiety is simple right? When you find yourself surrounded by a pack of disgruntled hyenas, you either high tail it to the nearest tree or scare the scavengers off with a big honking stick. Fight or flight. We’ve all heard of it so what else is there to learn?

A lot actually. What if I told you that anxiety isn’t that simple. Not by a long shot. And that it is our lack of knowledge on the real causes of our anxiety, that keeps us all enslaved to it.

Scientific research is being carried out around the globe, in an attempt to pinpoint the real causes of anxiety. And what they’ve found is shocking indeed.”

The above quotes are taken from the intro to The Mechanics of Anxiety by Edward Freeman. As we all know (and as I like to repeat endlesslypossibly annoyingly), Knowledge is Power, and the key to overcoming anxiety is to to understand it.

And now (finally!) the book that I needed back during my own personal war with anxiety has arrived. The Mechanics of Anxiety explains the science behind anxiety. I can’t recommend this ebook enough!  It’s short. It’s cheap. And most importantly, it’s packed full of information.

Click here to check it out further on Amazon.

“Have fun storming the castle!”

Written by: Eowyn Miral

Eowyn Miral This Side of Fearadise Author

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6 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: The Mechanics of Anxiety

  1. Very interesting– although I do not often feel anxiety, there are some occasions that do trigger me to go down that path. Even if it is for a few seconds or once a year, I think it would be benefitting to understand the causes of it. Thank you for the recommendation, Eowyn!

    I cannot wait to see you active again ;(



  2. Though I am, fortunately, not affected by a high degree of anxiety, a loved one is. Based on my interactions with people, they too often take very simple positions and look for answers that are too simple and too wrong. Obviously, they need more information.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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